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An excellent lawyer 

Mr. Sheldon provided excellent guidance, professionalism and care in dealing with our minor child's case. His calm demeanor was very helpful, as we were extremely nervous in our first and hopefully last encounter with the court. He was excellent about communicating all necessary information before, during and after our case. I would highly recommend him.



Difficult Times For College Student 

It was 22 years, 22 years that I have never faced a single problem with law enforcement until the month of September 2015. I was looking at multiple Misdemeanor charges with the possibility of Jail time for 30 plus days. I panicked after being released from Jail on a signature bond and started immediately doing research on top rated Lawyers in Medina County Ohio.

David Craig Sheldon was a top choice. After hiring Dave I was much calmer and felt at ease. Dave handled such a difficult time for me and my family and worked wonders in the court room. Dave is by far the best lawyer in Medina County if not the best choice in the state of Ohio. I recommend Dave to anyone facing legal troubles, he will fight for you and defend you no matter what the case. Don't hesitate to call him, he worked wonders for me.


Excellent Attorney

I am so glad we picked David to represent us. He is EXCELLENT! He gives his all and truly cares about his clients. He is the best and I would recommend him to anyone! He is one of the most honest and knowledgeable people you will ever meet. He also has an awesome hard working staff to support him.


Excellent Experience

David and his team helped me and my family through a very difficult time. I was injured in a near death auto accident. David was with me every step of the way through the process of getting "back to normal". Even as life threw me a couple of other curve balls, David stepped up and assured me he would handle it. I have no regrets in our decision to let David into my unfortunate situation. David was upfront and honest from the beginning. My mother choose David when I was still in Intensive Care after meeting with many Lawyers. She said she knew instantly that she wanted to go with David.



Very Satisfied Client

I was referred to Dave by a friend with a serious driving ticket. Dave and his wife worked with the courts to resolve the case. It was Dave's knowledge of the law and procedures that convinced the prosecutor to drop the charge.


Gummy Bear bust in Brunswick

I am extremely happy with the handling of my daughter's case by David Sheldon. It's unfortunate that there was even a case to begin with considering the circumstances of the unwarranted charges against my daughter by the Brunswick police. None the less we had to fight the charge and needed to hire an attorney. Mr. Sheldon came highly recommended and I completely know why.

He listened, addressed all of our questions, answered our calls and emails and provided explanations every step of the way. So all great things right? Well it gets even better since his persistance led us to our case being completely DISMISSED!!! Thank you David Sheldon for providing us with such great service!!



Awesome Lawyer 

As a client of David Sheldon I was more then satisfied. He kept me informed and most of all calm with his knowledge of the law and gave me every option I could take with my offenses. He is a lawyer and very busy but his assistant is just as good at her job as Sheldon is. She makes sure if you need to talk to Sheldon, that he makes time the next day to call you. All in all A services Mr Sheldon and thanks for everything you did.



Extremely Impressed

David handled a particularly difficult case for me and he was very impressive. He not only kept me informed along the way but was careful to insure that I was prepared for every appearance. David's knowledge of the law, his experience with the various courts, and his professionalism and confidentiality throughout the process made a very difficult and embarrassing legal matter be resolved quickly.


Outstanding Representation 

Dear David Sheldon,

My family and I would like to thank you for the outstanding representation in my OVI hearing. My wife and I were worried sick about what to do and how to do it. But you calmed us down by quickly acting on the situation as needed. You were always In-Touch while first making yourself available on any given day or night when my crisis started and continued with important updates as my case progressed. Knowing the Legal Playing Fields, you adjusted their hurdles and you won the case. With your help, dedication and experience, all is well now and I give you my highest recommendation. And yes, I would definitely hire you again. Thank you very much.

Lawrence R. Prochko


OVI Dismissed

I was on my way home from a party when the Montville Township Police Department pulled me over after following me for over 4 miles. My driver's license had expired. The officer asked me if I had been drinking and I told him no. He told me he smelled alcohol and to get out of the car. He had me perform field sobriety tests on inclined pavement that sloped down to a sewer grate. The Great Houdini could not have passed them! The officer then arrested me for OVI.

I called David Sheldon because I knew of his reputation in Medina for fighting DUIs. He did not let me down. He reviewed the dash camera from the officer's cruiser and told me there was no reason for the officer to order me out of the car to perform field sobriety tests. He also said that the tests have to be done a reasonably level surface which mine obviously were not. He filed a motion to suppress my illegal detention.
David did a great job on cross-examining the officer and showing why he had no reason to detain me. I was really impressed. The court agreed with Mr. Sheldon's argument and suppressed the field sobriety tests and determined there was no reasonable articulable suspicion to detain me. The State of Ohio dismissed the OVI charge.

I would highly recommend Mr. Sheldon for your DUI/OVI case. He knows how to win! He knew the law like the back of his hand and he knew how to challenge and discredit the police officer's testimony. Don't assume the police are always right! Call Mr. Sheldon today!

Jeffrey A.
Medina, Ohio


Personal Injury Payday

I was in a car accident and suffered a tear to my left rotator cuff. I had originally hired another attorney but grew dissatisfied because nothing was happening. I contacted David Sheldon, who was a customer of mine and informed me that he practiced personal injury law.

David was very knowledgeable about injury law and he and his fantastic secretary, Joyce, put me at ease about my case and the process. Joyce kept me informed of the status of the case and was always professional, reassuring and kind.

I knew that if my case had to be tried, Mr. Sheldon was the right person because of his vast experience with injury cases. I went through rotator cuff surgery and took about three months to recover. Although we had to file a lawsuit, David prepared me for my deposition and kept me informed about settlement offers.

Eventually, my insurance carrier agreed to pay an additional $25,000 on top of the negligent driver's policy limits of $50,000. David also was able to get the insurance company to waive the medical payments it made on my behalf ($5,000.00) so I did not have to pay that back. He also helped negotiate down the amount my insurance company wanted me to pay back for all the medical expenses. He saved me another $5,000.00.

David and Joyce make a great personal injury team. I highly recommend their services.

Beth F.
Wadsworth, Ohio

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